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Procedure of inscription

•    If you are interested please contact us by email: swho.cm@gmail.com or phone

•    We are happy to answer all your questions by email, phone or Skype conversation

•    We invite you to a conversation (Skype or MSN Messenger) to get to know you closer.

•    With pleasure we send you the registration form and the contract.

•    Please fill in the registration form and the contract and return it to us via e-mail. The registration form is valid as a definitive registration.

•    As far as everything is in order, we give you at the latest 7 days after reception of your commitment guarantee that you can participate in a voluntary service in Honduras.

•    We are looking for a host family and a project according to your wishes noted in the application form.

•    We will update you on a regularly basis about the organization of your voluntary service such as project, family, Spanish clases, etc.


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